Thursday, October 14, 2010

Babies, Babies, & more babies!

So this has been a fun filled month of babies and baby

Matts cousin just had her baby on Tuesday, he is a very beautiful baby boy!  I took the kids to see him at the hospital last night and they did very well with him!  Brianna wanted to hold him the whole time and so did Kayden...Austin wasnt too interested for some reason which is odd....he usually wants to hold them too!!!  Mom and baby are doing great and Reed is so precious!  I do have to say I had three very well behaved children last night!!!  They make me so proud!!!!!!!!!

We have been trying to breed our two female goats this month so in 155 days we could/will have milk!!!!  Were super excited!!!  It will be an interesting feat considering none of us have ever milked anything!!!  I have done a lot of reading on milking goats however, some say it is a very difficult process......kicking does, stepping into the milk pail, knocking it off the we shall see!  Only time will tell!!!!!  Like I have said before there is never a dull moment at our house!!!  I wouldnt have it any other way either!!!!  I hope to be able to milk 2 does this spring!!  That should give us sufficient milk to drink cook with and make cheese!!!  Yumm!!!  and if there is any left over I would like to try to make soap!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The boys are both in cub scouts now.  Austin is a wolf cub and Kayden is a tiger cub!  I am Austin's den leader again and we had our first meeting last night and we had a blast!  Kayden is going to his 1st meeting tonight and he is very excited!  Brianna had her first play date with her friend Abby from school and she's been begging to go back to Abby's ever since.....I am just not allowed to

I have been using my home made laundry soap for several weeks now and we love it!!  I didnt put any scent into is the first time to see how it worked and we dont notice any odors or anything!  I have had several people ask me for the recipe so I hope they like it as much as we do!!!  I did buy scent to put into my next jug I fill though I will let you know how we like that!

We decided to breed Olive our Mini Mancha to Domino our Nigerian Dwarf so they are in the breeding pen for 30 to 32 days!!  I hope it goes well!!  We will know for sure in 150 days or so!!!  We are so ready for some goat milk, cheese and soap!  Were going to breed on of the other girls but we havent quite figured out who to breed to whom  lol.  Barbi could be bred because Shadow had taking a likeing to her a week ago but I havent actuall seen them in the act!  So we shall see!!!

We took all 10 goats in one at a time and did some maintainence on them, trimmed hooves checked eye colors and such.  So far everyone is doing great!  We made a new pen for the boys so we dont have to keep switching who in the pen through out the day!  The nice thing about it is it was 100% free!!  We have a place down the road that gives us their pallets and we build thier fence out of those!

We had Kevin and Dana not last weekend but the weekend before and had a fabulous time with them as always!  It was nice to see Kevin since he doesnt come out very often!  We sure are going to miss them when they go to Florida for the winter!!!  We love having Dana and Kevin at our house!!  I would have them every weekend if I could! 

Last weekend Brittany got into a head on collision on highway 20 and she was hurt the worst out of the 3 vehicles involved.  But no broken bones just lots of cuts and bruises!  She was VERY lucky!  Matt and the kids went to Jeremy & Brittanys and I went and sat at the hospital with her to drive her home.  Once we got there we ate beef n noodles and went to bed!  Sunday we got up and had some target practice!  We all had a good time so overall it was a pretty good weekend but as always it went WAY TOO FAST!!!!!